Sam Holt Band July Shows

Sam Holt Band is back on the road this July for five shows showcasing new members and a very special guest.  The new Sam Holt Band line up features, Sam Holt on guitar, Adam Grace from Truth & Salvage CO…

Augusta Metro Spirit article on Remembering Mikey tour

“So we have our next victim.”

Those were the first words Widespread Panic guitarist Michael Houser said to Sam Holt when they met in Kansas City in the summer of 2000. Holt, a musician, had answered the phone…

Relix review of Southern Angels


by Randy Ray
Sam Holt Band            
Southern Angels


Sam Holt—the late Michael Houser’s guitar tech, occasional Widespread Panic guest performer and Outformation band member—formed his own quartet in Colorado in 2011. The result is a seven-track debut album…