Relix review of Southern Angels


by Randy Ray
Sam Holt Band            
Southern Angels


Sam Holt—the late Michael Houser’s guitar tech, occasional Widespread Panic guest performer and Outformation band member—formed his own quartet in Colorado in 2011. The result is a seven-track debut album that features Panic frontman, John Bell and Bloodkin’s Danny Hutchens, and delivers a passionate work that spans numerous country textures within a Southern rock
vein. With more than a hint of road wisdom obtained from a lifetime of sharp company, a keen set of ears and Holt’s natural talent, the guitarist/ vocalist looms over the work—ready to rock—with a slice of anthemic poise on robust cuts like “Jesco,” which jells and jams, while “No Surrender” offers formidable chops. The title track underscores the inspired song cycle with modest grace.